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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am still living in the area, although I spent 3 years in Germany (Stuttgart). Fighting the age long battle against the bulge. Some days I am winning, some days the bulge is winning. I hang out with my dogs (three toy fox terrierists) and husband.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Life does have it's twists and turns.....

...and vacations are cut short by things that are unexpected. Back from vacation as there was a death in the family of my friend. She needed to come home to be with her brother and family. So here I am, back in the city.
Life is not always what we want it to be, but we do what needs to be done.
Week 24 of Weight Watchers - down 36.8 pounds. Very happy. A little frustrated that the weight loss has slowed down, but I am watching what I eat, measuring amounts and servings again (just like in the beginning of the year). I have 7.9 for my mini-major goal and I hope to hit that by Labour Day weekend.

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