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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am still living in the area, although I spent 3 years in Germany (Stuttgart). Fighting the age long battle against the bulge. Some days I am winning, some days the bulge is winning. I hang out with my dogs (three toy fox terrierists) and husband.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Singles Ad - pre Internet dating

Everyone likes to read about a singles ad story that actually worked and that is how Alan and I met. During the winter of 1993, we both placed ads in a small publication called “Less than a 10.”

My ad was as follows:
Finally the nerve for this! But how do I start? I’m 34, blue eyes, curly hair, love traveling, Bogart movies, cycling, flowers, camping, flea and antique markets. I’m searching for a man to be happy with, to build a relationship with and to grow old with. Is this what you would like?

Alan’s ad read:
NMWM, 5’11”, 210lbs, smoker, brown hair, brown eyes, average looking, non-religious, short beard, employed, 32 years old. I’m looking for a meaningful relationship with a woman between 30 and 40 years old who loves children. Only sincere replies, please. My hobbies include fishing, camping, movies, watching sports. Also am a cat lover. Photo is unimportant, but phone number is desirable.

And the funny thing is that we answered each others ad with a follow-up letter. And we called each other. Our first date was in a Mexican resturant which I decided on. I wasn't going to marry someone who only wanted American food for the rest of eternity - I love ethnic foods - India, Arabic, Thai, Mexican, German, the whole lot. We met in the resturant at 7:00 and they asked us to leave about midnight - after they vaccuumed around us and dishes were done. And Alan (who started out in my life as bachelor #4) ended up as man #1 which is the important part, nicht wahr?

We were married on the first Sunday in May in 1995 - I want to keep our anniversary as the first Sunday in May because then you will never work on your anniversary (which is a very good thing)

The story of Buzzards

Ah, the story about the buzzards. We certainly have been around the block several times, haven't we girls (or should that be ladies)? Many of us started on an internet group at BeadTalk - which I occasionally still post at. Then many of us moved on to a Yahoo group called "For Beadin_Desires." I believe that it had to do with jokes that weren't related to why we were supposed to post at BeadTalk. That always confused me that jokes weren't bead related, but prayer requests were. But, I digress.

Due to circumstances beyond our control and angry emails back and forth, we formed another group of Bitchen Biker Turkey Buzzard Beadin Babes. And many of the core group remain to this day. We have some great nicknames which are not dubbings (this is important for some reason. These are bequeaths of royalty. And some need some work. Very different, very regal, very confusing.

Crystal - Countess Crystal, Gazing Crystal Seer of the ForBeadin realm

Audrey - Lady Audrey, Nahani Warrior Woman Crone of the Wolf Pack in the Snow belt of the ForBeadin realm

Liz - Baronessa Alces Alces, Wild Realm of the North Urban Population area of the ForBeadin realm

Aim - Goddess of the Starseekers of the ForBeadin realm

Nikia - Queen of the Cosmos (a small parsonage near the Southwest border of the realm) of the ForBeadin realm

Annie - Duchess of the Western Realm and Goddess of Family and Peace of the ForBeadin realm

Sharon - Warrior of Wire and Youthful Crone of Copper of the ForBeadin realm

Kat - Baronessa Midnight Kat of the ForBeadin realm

Sharon - Multi-named/personality(?) Bar Belly Dancin' Ileea Karima from a duchy north of the border of the ForBeadin Realm

The one for Miki, which is sad because Miki passed away the spring of 2005 Miki - Her MOST Royal Highness, Queen of the World, and Empress of the Beads who doesn't do company cleaning any longer of the ForBeadin realm

These women/girls/ladies are all considered my friends, even though I haven't met all of them. I believe it's like the connection with Kevin Bacon - we have all met someone who knows someone who has met the others. Annie, Bev, Debb and Gene, Kerry, Ava, Kat, Sharon (both of you), Barb, Annette, Audrey, Crystal, Nikia - we are the Turkey Buzzard Beading babes - and I love each of you!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

It's my birthday!

And getting old sucks. Although the alternative really sucks, too.

Diagnosed with high blood pressure, meniscal tear and cyst on the right knee, and peridontal disease - I learned that I have all of them this week. Fortunately, they all should respond to treatment.

So I will just do what I need to do, take care of this body, because it's the only body that I have. And I will dream of my cruise which leaves in 1 1/2 weeks.

Below is a preview of my next piece of bead embroidery. I received this picture from my friend, Bev. Something about it just spoke to me. I enlarged the picture on the copier machine to about 167% (or so), copied it to my piece of pellon for embroidery. I simplified some of the lines as on this piece, there would be lines of just one colour and lots of black on it. It's been drawn, and it just waiting for "Phases of the Moose" to be completed. Perhaps I'll have a chance on my cruise to start this..... It's a very Incan/Mayan design, but I can see an Oriental/Asian twist on this.

Monday, March 20, 2006


March 17th - good day to update my progress on this piece - I am almost 50% completed with it. I have been trying different ideas with regards to circles - small and large. It's been coming out nicely and I am pretty pleased with it. I have a bead show on Sunday in Southfield and I will be working on the piece there - something to do when I sit at the membership table, maybe catch the eye of some prospective beaders. I just have to remember to take my battery operated light so that I can see what I am doing. I am working the same shift as my friend Linda, so I don't know how much beading we will actually complete! I'll add a picture so I have an in-process picture of it.

Also - check out the new earrings and pendant (which sold off my neck last weekend)!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Am I insane or what? Don't answer that.....

Phases of the Moose

Am I insane or what?? I loved the first bead embroidery piece that I completed so much, I started another one!!! This one I have named "Phases of the Moose" and it's about 7 inches by 8 inches. I have beaded all the lines again with size 11 black opaque seed beads, and the moose are lines in size 15 black matte beads.

Oh - and the diet is stalled. I haven't made any progress since Christmas. My motivated has been lost - and I have an injury to my right leg. It's either a pinched nerve in my lower back or a blood clot. Seriously, I have a doctor appointment next week to figure out what is going on. I still need to get the PAP done (assume the position) but the Mammogram has been completed. On the good side, I don't have breast cancer.