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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am still living in the area, although I spent 3 years in Germany (Stuttgart). Fighting the age long battle against the bulge. Some days I am winning, some days the bulge is winning. I hang out with my dogs (three toy fox terrierists) and husband.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I finished it!! The "Phases of the Moose" is completed. And I love it!! This piece measures 7.5 x 8 inches and weighs about 1/3 of a pound. I finished it while I was on my Bead Cruise - which I just added to my blog.
My next piece is even larger! I worked on it several hours while waiting for my flight in Houston after the cruise. I wasn't certain if it was Incan, Mayan or Aztec in design when a woman asked me (who was also happy to see that "young" people still do handwork. I was just happy to be called "young"). A gentleman on the airplane told me it was Mayan. I might have to do some search for verification, but it sounded good to me.

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