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Monday, February 27, 2006


And completed in 20 days. I just need to get this matted and framed. I'm happy with this piece and looking forward to the next one that I do!
The colours came out differently than I originally thought about. I was going to do the moose in browns, and he ended up in blues and greens, with an orange antler. That was fun. I also did mostly circles, which certainly gives the piece an interesting flow in the design. It has a Barb Davis head on it, an eye bead, a wooden bead from a Buddhist prayer bracelet, and a pearl that I have had so long I forget where it came from. I think that I found it on the floor at a bead show. Being vertically challenged, I usually find nice things on the floor at shows - I'm closer to the floor than many.
I had colours that blended from one colour to another colour, usually in the same family of tones. I used everything from 22's (meaning beads that are 22 beads to the inch) to 11's and some hexes.
This was an enjoyable project.

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jerri said...

I just love this piece!

So colorful and vibrant!

You are truly talented!