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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've learned something new

I really enjoy bead embroidery. It might be my newest addiction. I traced around a moose that I had on some really thick Pellon and added the other shapes and lines. Those shapes and lines have been beaded with size 11 black seed beads. The moose will be completed in size 15 brown or black seed beads. The embroidery will be completely mostly in circular patterns, emphasizing the shapes that I have drawn.

I will be adding other items on the piece through it's completion, such as special beads that I have purchased through the years, perhaps some moose beads that I haven't use or one of the wooden beads that I bought while I was in Korea in 1999.

This is the first piece that I completed about 2 weeks ago. I really like the circular pattern that evolved around the Barb Davis heads. This piece is just one piece that will be placed in a "Bead Quilt" to be auctioned off to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

I'm pleased with the way that my piece turned out - with the yellow on the left representing the sun. The blue in the top stripe is the sky, followed by brown mountains, purple flowers, green grass, blue water and dark earth. I don't even know if I was consciously making these deicisons with the color choices as I was beading, or just picking up the colors that pleased me.

I'll update with pictures of the top piece when I complete it.

I've also recently inherited a great storage system for all those little bead boxes. Old wooden slide (like from a slide projector) boxes that the hospital was going to get rid of. I was gifted with 14 of these treasures!!! I can't wait to start filling them!


debb said...

beautiful work Liz, I look forward to seeing the finished moose piece.

Felicity said...

This is a really interesting way to use beading. I'm particularly keen to see how the moose turns out!
Keep smiling
Felicity 8-)

Melissa said...

Your bead embroidery pieces are great, Liz! Nice work. :)