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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am still living in the area, although I spent 3 years in Germany (Stuttgart). Fighting the age long battle against the bulge. Some days I am winning, some days the bulge is winning. I hang out with my dogs (three toy fox terrierists) and husband.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring in Michigan

Spring in Michigan is so pretty. The birds, the flowers, the urge to be outside hits fast and hard. I usually end up playing in the mud, and trying to trim trees and bushed when I have no business outside.

This weekend was a beautiful weekend. The sun cooperated, the temperature was nice. Hubby and I dug up plants and moved them, we trimmed the roses, moved the huge birdbath, raked out the garden beds and generally tried to make the yard look nicer after a long winter.

Now of course, spring also means that my allergies will be crazy for several months and I will live with the kleenex and allergy medications right next to me. It's one of the penalities that we pay to live in this great state of Michigan. My other other option is to stay inside for months - and that really isn't an option. I'd go insane. Then I would have to kill someone or chop my head off. Nope, that's not a pretty look.

You know that it's a nice day when the dogs lay on the grass and snooze! Or climb the mountain.....

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