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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am still living in the area, although I spent 3 years in Germany (Stuttgart). Fighting the age long battle against the bulge. Some days I am winning, some days the bulge is winning. I hang out with my dogs (three toy fox terrierists) and husband.

Friday, April 22, 2005


This is why I joined Weight Watchers in January 2005. No, not because I got a toilet brush holder for Christmas, but because I have gotten fricken huge.....

I felt good at this weight - I probably was still overweight, but I felt good!!

In Germany during the summer of 1991 with Tricia. This was another good weight - a little heavier than the summer above, but still not bad. This is what I want again and why I am doing as well as possible on Weight Watchers......

Look at Matt - he was such a little cutie when I visited him in Florida. Now he's 14-15 years old and somewhere in Oklahoma (where he doesn't call or write me - what a bad nephew!). This was a really good weight for me! I would freak out if I had those collarbones again!!!

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