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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Singles Ad - pre Internet dating

Everyone likes to read about a singles ad story that actually worked and that is how Alan and I met. During the winter of 1993, we both placed ads in a small publication called “Less than a 10.”

My ad was as follows:
Finally the nerve for this! But how do I start? I’m 34, blue eyes, curly hair, love traveling, Bogart movies, cycling, flowers, camping, flea and antique markets. I’m searching for a man to be happy with, to build a relationship with and to grow old with. Is this what you would like?

Alan’s ad read:
NMWM, 5’11”, 210lbs, smoker, brown hair, brown eyes, average looking, non-religious, short beard, employed, 32 years old. I’m looking for a meaningful relationship with a woman between 30 and 40 years old who loves children. Only sincere replies, please. My hobbies include fishing, camping, movies, watching sports. Also am a cat lover. Photo is unimportant, but phone number is desirable.

And the funny thing is that we answered each others ad with a follow-up letter. And we called each other. Our first date was in a Mexican resturant which I decided on. I wasn't going to marry someone who only wanted American food for the rest of eternity - I love ethnic foods - India, Arabic, Thai, Mexican, German, the whole lot. We met in the resturant at 7:00 and they asked us to leave about midnight - after they vaccuumed around us and dishes were done. And Alan (who started out in my life as bachelor #4) ended up as man #1 which is the important part, nicht wahr?

We were married on the first Sunday in May in 1995 - I want to keep our anniversary as the first Sunday in May because then you will never work on your anniversary (which is a very good thing)


debb said...

you are a great couple... thanks for sharing the story of your meeting

The bad Liz said...
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Ali said...

I met mine on the internet as well.... we're happy as hell, but we usually pretend we met in a bar! I just started a weight loss blog if you want to visit!